Key Hydrogen Refueling Station Equipment

Hydrogen Dispenser
Supply Cabinet
Cascade Refueling Cabinet
D3series hydrogen refueling Dispenser
Emphasizing safety and quality, using minimalistic design;
The average flow rate of the hydrogen refueling dispenser can reach 1.8kg/min, under the condition of supporting chilled water pre-cooling;
Richer sensor configuration to comprehensively monitor the operation status of the equipment;
Automated leak detection, more detailed identification of leak risks;
The function of automatic pressure relief creates a safe ambient environment, also effectively improves the service life of equipment accessories.
D5series Hydrogen Dispenser
Effectively control the pressure increase rate during the refueling process, making the refueling process more controllable, and further improving the safety of equipment operation;
Differentiated operations for logistics vehicles and buses to achieve a more efficient and faster refueling experience.
S2Series Supply Cabinet
Temperature transmitter, large basket filter, full-lift safety valve, automated leak detection, double cut-off automatic valve set, ensuring the safety operation
S4Series Supply Cabinet
Equipped with 10.1 inch touch-type explosion-proof central control screen for visual operation based on the S2 series;
Independent nitrogen supply system, guarantees the stability of instrument gas supply
C1Cascade Refueling Cabinet
Modular design, automated leak detection
Temperature transmitter, temperature detection
Large diameter pipe valves, pressure loss reduction
Howden Compressor
Large displacement volume
AI self-learning and self-checking
Early warnings
Automatic frequency conversion operation
one-click start
power off timer
Energy efficiency management
Hydrexia jointly developed the compressor with Howden for Hydrogen refueling stations. The first set of 45MPa high-performance diaphragm compressors officially landed at Howden Weihai Plant. Howden has a history of more than 160 years. Its established company Burton Corblin® (founded in 1916) is the inventor of piston compressors and diaphragm compressors. Diaphragm compressors are considered to be the most suitable compressors for hydrogen refueling stations, and have been widely recognized in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.