Metal hydride trailer

High hydrogen storage capacity
1 ton per trailer
Normal pressure and temperature
Superior safety
Transportation cost
Greatly cost reduction
Dynamic tracking
Intelligent operation
Hydrexia’s metal hydride trailer is optimized for high hydrogen storage density and low delivery cost.  Our trailer design can deliver up to1 ton of hydrogen.
Magnesium alloy offer long cycle life and high economic value. Novel magnesium alloy is safe, efficient, and economical.

Our metal hydride trailer provides several benefits when compared with conventional compressed hydrogen tube trailer platforms:
Lower Cost of Delivery
Hydrexia’s metal hydride trailers are about half the capital cost ($/kg-H2) of conventional bulk tube trailers and can reduce the total cost of hydrogen delivery by 30-40%.
Greater Hydrogen Storage Density
Hydrexia’s metal hydride trailer can carry up to 1 ton of hydrogen in a single trip, over three times more than a standard tube trailer; reducing logistics costs and GHG emissions.
Low Pressure
Standard tube trailers require compressors at the filling terminal, which are expensive and require significant maintenance, whereas Hydrexia’s solid-state solutions operate at near ambient pressure and require little infrastructure at the filling station.

Magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage equipment

Multi-cylinder packs
Smart layout
Our product is based on a modular design that can be tailored to meet the customer application. Metal hydride storage vessels are packaged together into a variety of configurations to optimize storage capacity and flow rates to satisfy customer requirements.  The balance of plant system provides the required thermal management, interfaces and controls for an autonomous hydrogen storage and delivery system.
Our storage products provide several benefits when compared with compressed hydrogen systems:
Lower Capital Cost
Hydrexia systems are about half the capital cost ($/kg-H2) of compressed hydrogen storage.
Increased Storage Density
Hydrexia products can provide three to four times the storage density of compressed hydrogen, which reduces footprint and simplifies siting.
Superior Safety
Hydrexia products operate at low pressure (up to 12bar), which provides superior safety.